ONI Data Centre Services. Delivering 100% uptime for:

...and counting.

Our commitment to 100% availability underpins our data centre and managed service portfolio; providing our customers with peace of mind that they will always have access to their data and applications. It’s what we call Business Assured.

Since we first opened our data centre in 2011, we have never had a service affecting-outage. Ever. We put this down to our unique approach to data centre infrastructure management; optimising performance, power and cooling to ensure 100% availability.


Post-Brexit Cloud

With Brexit negotiations well underway, organisations need to think about the implications for their data management strategy and choice of Cloud service provider.

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IoT Ready Infrastructure

In an increasingly connected world, IT managers are challenged to manage the exponential growth in device numbers and the big data exchanges they create.

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The What, Why and How of Colocation

If you are thinking about colocation, this guide will help you decide how to begin the migration process and how to choose a colocation partner.

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Latest News & Blogs

GDPR Image

BREAKING NEWS: ONI plc officially the FIRST UK organization to be recommended for new GDPR certification

Demonstrating a commitment to GDPR compliance, ONI plc is first organisation in the UK to be recommended for certification to the Personal Information Standard

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Datacentre Outages: Status Quo or Dire Straits?

Its not been a good start to the new year for Microsoft Azure. Many of you will have experienced first hand Microsoft's Emergency Maintenance

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Tree Lungs Small

Blog – If data centres made oxygen, they’d be out of business

It's been a couple of months since I last talked about high profile data centre outages. A generous mind might think.....

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