IT Managed Services

IT and communications technology sits at the heart of most organisations; enabling them to compete effectively in an increasingly connected, automated and digitised world.

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Digital Transformation

A twin-speed approach to managing IT enables organisations to manage the complexity of both a stable, risk-averse legacy environment and the fast-paced, agile environment necessary for innovation.

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Hybrid Cloud

With the majority of IT expenditure driven by line-of-business outside of the IT department, organisations expect long-term business outcomes from investments in both legacy and emerging technologies.

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Latest News & Blogs

Managed Service Provider Blog

10 key questions to ask your managed service provider

An increasing number of organisations are adopting a managed service approach to IT and it’s easy to see why. Eliminating the time-consuming elements of

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IT man running in a hurry with many hands holding time, smart phone, laptop, paper and briefcase,  very busy with a lot of work to do.

How outsourcing IT maintenance can improve the user experience

Over the past few years, we have seen the IT department shift away from a pure provisioner of technology to a service provider, delivering

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NetApp Clustered Storage

If your data is big, your storage needs to be clever

It is perhaps surprising, in a world that is expecting to generate 44 ZetaBytes of data by 2020, that storage isn’t grabbing more of

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