Best Practice Guide to IT

IT and communications technology sits at the heart of most organisations; enabling them to compete effectively in an increasingly connected, automated and digitised world.

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Annual Security Report 2016

The Cisco 2016 Annual Security Report, presents the research, insights, and perspectives provided by Cisco® Security Research and other security experts within Cisco.

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Hybrid Cloud

With the majority of IT expenditure driven by line-of-business outside of the IT department, organisations expect long-term business outcomes from investments in both legacy and emerging technologies.

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Latest News & Blogs

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Converged Infrastructure. What it is and why should you care?

In an ever-changing data centre environment, business demands and IT capabilities seem to be in a race to outdo each other. As soon as

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Cloud’s a Journey, Not a Destination

With more and more services or applications being migrated to the Cloud, organisations find themselves managing a hybrid environment. One that features elements of

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Hybrid Cloud. The Benefits of Blending Cloud and On-Premise

Around 90% of UK organisations use Cloud computing. As a standalone stat, that seems pretty impressive, but perhaps a little misleading. What it actually

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