IT Managed Services

IT and communications technology sits at the heart of most organisations; enabling them to compete effectively in an increasingly connected, automated and digitised world.

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Digital Transformation

A twin-speed approach to managing IT enables organisations to manage the complexity of both a stable, risk-averse legacy environment and the fast-paced, agile environment necessary for innovation.

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Hybrid Cloud

With the majority of IT expenditure driven by line-of-business outside of the IT department, organisations expect long-term business outcomes from investments in both legacy and emerging technologies.

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Report Discussion

5 ways IT can take the lead in Business Transformation – an FD’s perspective

With the growing importance of technology in business, Finance Directors increasingly see that IT leaders can be integral to driving the business’ strategic agenda

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Big Data Storage and Security

Data comes in varying shapes and sizes, with varying degrees of sensitivity and criticality. So, if data is so variable, why would you adopt

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The Business Case for Managed Services

Once you have made the decision to outsource, how do you go about building a business case for the transformation program?

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