Post-Brexit Cloud

With Brexit negotiations well underway, organisations need to think about the implications for their data management strategy and choice of Cloud service provider.

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IoT Ready Infrastructure

In an increasingly connected world, IT managers are challenged to manage the exponential growth in device numbers and the big data exchanges they create.

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The What, Why and How of Colocation

If you are thinking about colocation, this guide will help you decide how to begin the migration process and how to choose a colocation partner.

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Planes Trains and Automobiles: Disruptors that add to workforce misery

Transport delays too often wreak havoc on the workforce's daily commute. Thankfully, there is an IT solution that can keep anyone happily productive.

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Bad Apples-1500

Buy One Data Centre Outage, Get One Free

Last week news broke that Global Switch had a power outage at their purpose built East London data centre, GS2.

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Remind Me, What Does This Thing Do Again?

To make an informed decision about what assets can be “sweated”, you need to apply a layer of criticality to the device. Within your

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