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ONI believes that it has the skills and expertise to be thought leaders and as such likes to take a pro-active approach for our customers. We have invested heavily in a Bespoke Development team to ensure we have the in-house expertise to meet the ever changing demands of our customers.

Below are some of the common challenges we find our clients experiencing:


It is not so much that a standard product is not fit for the purpose for which it was designed, but rather that the customer desired solution differs from the out of the box offering. Whether the required changes are very large, or, as is often the case, quite small without some development there will be a mismatch of expectations leading to dissatisfaction.


It is one thing to develop or enhance an app, but this is of little use if the development causes instability in the product or leads to knock on issues elsewhere. All of ONI’s developments are fully tested in house in one of our lab environments prior to delivery to our customers. ONI pride ourselves on being a trusted advisor to our customers and this strength of relationship extends to our bespoke development, removing the question marks around untested suppliers.


Very often there may be ways to enhance products by upgrading or even a rip or replace. This can more often than not be a costly approach with the additional uncertainty of future development costs. ONI are able to consult and look at the solution holistically with experience to help find the right and most cost effective solution to mitigate the need for spiralling costs.


Very often the hardest challenges in the development of a solution is the fact that there appear to be a raft of almost endless possibilities many of which are unknown. ONI can help guide you through this minefield, many products have endless possibilities but sky high costs to deliver it all, as mentioned before ONI can help break down the possibilities to build a roadmap that focusses on key wins to aid business justification.

Please use the links below for further details:

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  • HYPERGLANCE – Real-Time 3D Network Visualisation Tool
  • FLOWTRAK – ENhanced Process Management
  • SFDCCONNECT – to Cisco Contact Centre Connector
  • MOBILITY – Telephone Login Solution
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