Modern business operations are wholly dependent upon the IT infrastructure that supports them. As organisations embrace mobility, collaboration and cloud services, technology has evolved beyond “an IT thing” to a strategic asset that delivers business outcomes.

For more than 28 years, ONI has been working with organisations across the UK to deliver tangible, long-term business benefits. Our solutions are designed to transform organisational performance; with the emphasis on scalability, flexibility and cost-efficiency.

We look beyond the technology itself to make sure solutions are aligned with your organisation’s objectives and support you every step of the way along your transformation journey.

A Proven Approach to Business Transformation

Transformation Journey CoverBusiness transformation is a multi-step process that enables larger organisations to realise targeted business outcomes, create an advantage over the competition and build a compelling business case for investing in a modern, IT and communications architecture.

ONI has developed a best practice approach to systems design, implementation and management that helps drive innovation and deliver long-term value to your organisation.

Our proven approach leverages a flexible framework that can be tailored to suit your specific organisation requirements; delivering a comprehensive service that encompasses people, process and technology.



ONI provides independent advice on all aspects of your IT infrastructure; from the latest technological developments to financial planning, setting business objectives and the management of internal resource levels.


An analysis of your current systems will identify areas where new or emerging technologies can deliver process improvements, plus ways in which we can extend the life of legacy infrastructure, ensuring you make the most of your current investment in technology.


Systems design extends beyond simply picking a set of industry-leading hardware and software solutions. Technology is, inevitably, a large part of it; but so is legacy system integration, business process, user adoption and the provision of management information.


IT deployments can be complex. Given the critical nature of most business technology it is essential that any project is managed professionally, from start to finish, to ensure minimum disruption to day-to-day operations.


Once your system is up and running, with real users and real data, it is essential to monitor its performance and make any adjustments where necessary; so you can achieve the greatest return on your investment in technology.


Your IT infrastructure is the vital system that keeps your applications running and your business both operational and profitable. Maintaining the health of this system is essential; if the underlying infrastructure fails, so do your business critical applications.

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