Established in 1992, ONI Ltd is a leading provider of IT solutions and services to both public sector and commercial markets. Privately owned, we offer a comprehensive range of on-site, cloud and hybrid technology solutions.

We have worked hard to establish ourselves as a centre of excellence for digital transformation, but we’re not resting on our laurels. We have ambitious plans for even further growth over the coming years, which will see us increasing both our capacity and range of services. Keen adopters of new technologies, we are proud of our reputation as innovators. Our expertise already spans core network infrastructure, unified communications and collaboration, contact centre solutions, data centre services, connectivity and cyber-security.

ONI cloud services are delivered from our own Tier 3+ Data Centre, located in the South East of England, and include infrastructure, disaster recovery, UC, collaboration and contact centre solutions as-a-service.

ONI is committed to providing our customers with the availability, performance and agility required to transform their business. It’s what we call Business Assured and comprises three core pledges: 100% Uptime Guaranteed, On-Premises or Cloud Agnostic and Predictable and Transparent Costs.

100% Uptime Guaranteed

Most service providers promise four 9’s or even five 9’s in terms of availability, but 99.99% uptime still means you are without service for 52min 35s every year. When dealing with business-critical applications, we don’t think you should compromise on availability. If you pay 100% of your fees, you should get 100% availability.

Our commitment to 100% uptime underpins our data centre and managed service portfolio; providing our customers with peace of mind that they will always have access to their data and applications.

On-Premises or Cloud Agnostic

For many organisations, the future of IT lies in a hybrid converged infrastructure that features elements of on-premises, colocation and cloud-based products and services. But getting agnostic advice on the best place to deploy each application can be difficult.
Cloud service providers naturally will only ever promote as-a-service propositions.

Likewise, legacy systems integrators will have experience of on-premises hardware but not the skills necessary to transition services successfully to the cloud. In contrast, ONI offers the best of both worlds.

By combining legacy on-premises solutions with our Data Centre services, our customers benefit from transformative digital solutions, deployed where they add most value. Our agnostic approach to deployment helps organisations to gain a competitive advantage by reducing costs and delivering leaner, less complex IT solutions.

Predictable and Transparent Costs

Cloud services from ONI are provided from a single orchestration platform; one that offers a simplified product range and an all-inclusive price, based on customer usage. There is no need for specialist procurement knowledge to understand a complex product offering or EA pricing structure, let alone fluctuating exchange rates, making it easy to stay in control and avoid unexpected spiralling costs.

ONI Assure Managed Services provide unmatched details about the status of IT infrastructure devices; enabling IT professionals to make better informed investment decisions about life-cycle management and avoid unnecessary costs. Improved visibility of contract renewals, or when devices reach end-of-life and end-of-support, makes budgeting more accurate and more predictable.

Our Approach

By adopting a strategic, forward-thinking approach to IT, we help our clients drive revenue growth, reduce costs, improve productivity and, ultimately, enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Creating a leaner, less complex IT estate adds value to our clients’ businesses by creating a more agile, productive and collaborative environment. Long-term benefits are secured with a future-proof approach to technology that ensures your business-critical systems and applications match your objectives for both today and tomorrow.

Our highly experienced and certified teams of consultants and technicians can transform an ageing, fractured IT estate into a seamlessly integrated infrastructure; eliminating barriers to growth and turning technology into a business enabler.

Services and Support

Our Professional Services teams offer a range of complementary services, which enable us to effectively design, develop and deploy IT solutions to suit any business, wherever they are on their transformation journey.

All ONI solutions are backed by our 24/7 Technical Assistance Centre (TAC) and Network Operations Centre (NOC).  Our Assure services include support, maintenance and managed service propositions, all delivered by our award-winning technical team.

Certifications and Partnerships

ONI holds independently assessed certifications to the ISO27001, ISO9001and BS10012:2017 standards, as well as IIP certifications.

Our workforce holds over 400 vendor certifications (including 8 Cisco CCIEs) across a broad vendor portfolio.For further details please visit Technology Partners.