How can colocation support Cloud adoption?

For many organisations, colocation offers the ideal hybrid IT environment. Relocating servers and storage to a resilient environment whilst maintaining control over core components of their IT. However, before you choose a colocation partner, you should assess your business and technical requirements and make sure your partner of choice is able to support your objectives – both now and in the future.

Business-led requirements

IT is the single, most important enabler in modern business. It underpins the day-to-day operations of virtually every organisation. When evaluating your IT options, it is essential that you put them in the context of your wider business objectives. For example, colocation is a logical choice if you are pursuing any of these strategies:

  • A commitment to sustained growth/expansion
  • Expanding the role of IT within your organisation
  • Increasing the level of business and process integration
  • Differentiation through innovation
  • Consolidation of core business activities
  • Improving long-term business continuity
  • Embracing mobile working and collaboration
  • Cloud service adoption or migration

Technology-led requirements

The decision to invest in your own data centre, or to co-locate core technologies, cannot be taken in a vacuum. Even if colocation is the right fit for the business as a whole, there are basic technical requirements and limitations to be considered.

Budget will always be a consideration, but so will the physical availability of space and the skill-set of your in-house teams. Unless your existing IT has reached end-of-life, you will need to think about systems integration and maximising the value from your investment in legacy equipment.

The desire to relocate core technology to a data centre is often driven by performance-related objectives. Most often, colocation is seen as the solution to the availability, continuity or security limitations of on-premise IT. However, colocation can also deliver improvements in productivity, performance and collaboration; along with long-term cost-savings.

To find out more about co-location and the key questions you should be asking a potential supplier, Download our Best Practice Guide to Colocation.