Cloud’s a journey, not a destination

With more and more services or applications being migrated to the Cloud, organisations find themselves managing a hybrid environment. One that features elements of on-premise, private and public Cloud infrastructure. Rather than a transitionary state, this is likely to be the infrastructure of choice for most of us in the future.

The landscape of IT funding continues to evolve. As the majority of business processes and operations are wholly dependent upon the critical IT and communications technology that supports them, we are seeing more spend originating from outside the IT department than ever before. Line of business stakeholders expect business outcomes from their expenditure, so it is important to understand the business case that supports the adoption of Cloud.

Each and every organisation has a unique set of objectives. These, naturally, impact on the role IT plays within the organisation and where it is best to locate your technical assets. The Cloud has transformed the way we provision IT, but it is not the only solution and not every cloud solution is applicable to every organisation.

If your servers need to be based on-site for security or compliance reasons, it doesn’t make sense to add latency to your infrastructure by hosting your storage elsewhere. If, however, your organisation features multiple locations and a centralised email and file server, this can easily be housed in the Cloud.

Similarly, if you have recently invested in the on-premise infrastructure to provide email and other critical services, it isn’t practical to move everything to the Cloud until you have realised a return on your investment. However, co-locating critical servers in the Cloud would provide valuable systems resilience; as would locating back-up and disaster recovery services in the Cloud.

One of the other benefits of outsourcing is that it provides you with access to all the latest technologies. Your service provider is invested in providing the best hardware and software available. They are more likely to be early adopters of new technologies and can pass the performance benefits on to you.

If Cloud is the right choice for your organisation, there are a broad range of services that can be provisioned on a pay-as-you-go / pay-as-you-grow basis, from hosted telephony and essential desktop applications to back-up, disaster recovery, UC and collaboration services.

As your organisation grows, or you seek to integrate new services, the Cloud can provide a flexible, scalable environment in which to test and provision new technology.

The Cloud is ideal if you need to provision new servers, applications or storage for a short-term project; or if you need to add capacity during unexpected peaks of demand. Adding new users and sites to your current network can be achieved quicker and without up-front investment via the Cloud.

Wherever you are on your journey to the Cloud, if you would like to understand more about how to make a business case for Cloud adoption, or explore how to make the most of what the Cloud has to offer, contact ONI on 01582 429 999 or alternatively, visit: