The construction and civil engineering sectors play a vital role in the UK and are often used as a benchmark for overall economic performance. With promises of private and public investment in infrastructure on the horizon, construction firms need to remain competitive.

Technology has an important role to play in that competitiveness in terms of process automation, project controls, supply chain management and cost efficiency.Major projects face a unique set of challenges when it comes to IT infrastructure as there is a requirement to set up a highly available, highly resilient infrastructure in a short time period and occasionally in a hostile environment. ONI work with leading construction firms to ensure every project is supported by a scalable, available and resilient IT infrastructure.

Building and Construction Industry Challenges

  • Geographically distributed users and office environments fulfilling multiple roles
  • The need to rapidly deploy temporary installations and business-grade connectivity to remote, unconnected sites
  • Challenging environments in which IT must be both robust and effective, delivering usability and availability
  • Time-constrained, project-based applications where systems down-time can affect project timelines and profitability
  • The need for high levels of physical security and data protection

ONI Solutions for Building and Construction

  • Seamless connectivity between offices, sites, clients, suppliers and mobile users to ensure open lines of communication at all times
  • IP-based technologies, wired & wireless, allowing rapid site service availability
  • UC to improve collaboration, creating a more flexible workforce, enabling the remote sharing of assets, reducing travel costs and speeding up the decision making process
  • Agile and scalable cloud-based infrastructure and UC that can be scaled up and down quickly according to changing demands
  • Off-site back-up and disaster recovery in case of service affecting interruptions to site services
ONI IT solutions for building and construction


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