Charities and industry leaders alike have come to realise that technology is more than just a support function. It has become an important driver in shaping the way their organisation grows, operates and communicates.

Every IT department has to work to a budget, but few will be as constrained as those working within not-for-profit organisations. The price-sensitivity of charity operations often acts as a barrier to change; which can prove to be a false economy.

The long-term benefits of new technologies outweigh any initial capital outlay; leading to increases in efficiency, productivity and reach. New technologies are enabling charity organisations to attract, retain and engage volunteers and donors alike.

Improvements in the availability and analysis of business data also provides greater insight into operational efficiencies and help to deliver a rapid return on investment.

Charity Industry Challenges

  • Providing remote workers with reliable access to essential data and applications
  • Need to release capital expenditure for primary business functions, rather than IT support, and move to a predictable, operational cost model
  • Integration of social and digital media to facilitate engagement with a wider audience
  • A lack of technical expertise becomes a challenge when supporting legacy equipment or when looking to transition to new solutions
  • Outdated systems that lack integration, leading to admin-intensive processes and a lack of management information to support decision making
  • Data protection, security and PCI compliance obligations for processing donations

ONI Solutions for Charities

  • Introduction of scalable, omni-channel Contact Centres to improve the efficiency of communication and fundraising activities
  • Transition to Cloud-based services to improve reliability, availability and security whilst reducing capital investment in hardware and software
  • Managed service options to outsource the day-to-day tasks associated with your IT infrastructure, freeing personnel to focus on strategic business activity
  • Reliable network infrastructure and connectivity, improving overall business productivity and providing instant access to data and applications on any device, anywhere
ONI IT solutions for charities