Further and higher education in the UK is experiencing a period of unprecedented change. New policies for funding & tuition fees, the need to meet the demands of a tech-savvy generation of students and the realignment of education and employment have introduced new challenges to faculty and IT alike.

Today’s generation of students are early adopters of new technology and have come to expect ubiquitous access to applications and resources. As students and faculty alike become more dependent on technology, educational establishments are caught between user demands and the need to maintain financial controls.

As education “goes digital” ONI deliver resilient networks and BYOD strategies to ensure an excellent student experience, in-class, on-campus and when working remotely.

Education Industry Challenges

  • Sustainable resourcing and on-going management of IT, against a backdrop of financial constraints
  • Supporting student work preferences seamless wired and wireless connectivity across a wide range of user-owned devices
  • Reducing capital expenditure on depreciating IT assets, and operational expenditure on power, cooling and IT administration
  • Providing secure, remote access to sensitive data and a range of critical applications, including file sharing and collaboration tools
  • Provide resilience and availability to help students achieve their financial goals and institutions to meet their KPIs

ONI Solutions for Education

  • Drive the adoption of digital learning with student-orientated computing and secure, wireless access across multiple campuses and student accommodation sites
  • Support anywhere, anytime engagement between teachers, peers and mentors with innovative collaboration tools; designed around user needs and preferences
  • Transform IT from a cost centre to a centre of excellence; updating legacy infrastructure to provide user-centric services and applications
  • Deliver flexible, scalable IT-as-a-Service from the Cloud; reducing the need for capital expenditure on on-premise hardware and software
  • 24 x 7 infrastructure support to reduce on-site management overhead and free IT resources to focus on strategic projects
ONI IT solutions for further and higher education