Assure Insight provides real-time data analytics from across your entire IT infrastructure. Inventory data and contractual intelligence further support improvements in decision making, network optimisation and lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

With visibility of your entire IT network, you can ensure all devices have supporting contracts, address network vulnerabilities and provide valuable insights into end-of-life manufacturer notifications.

Double Red Product Life-Cycle Management

The ONI Double Red Product Life-Cycle Management report measures two criteria for the health status of devices.

The first component of Double Red grades Cisco product life-cycle information about the devices within your network. Categorising them as current devices (green), devices at the end of their life-cycle but not end of vendor support (amber), or devices no longer covered by vendor support (red).

The second component of Double Red grades Cisco product based upon user-defined criteria that take into account the relative importance of the device to overall network performance: Green status: Low business impact if failed, Amber status: Medium business impact if failed and Red status: High business impact if failed.

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Assure Insight FREE Trial

Improve the visibility of your IT estate vulnerabilities with a FREE trial of Assure Insight.

Assure Insight is usually only available to customers with an ONI Assure Premium Managed service. However, for a limited time, we are offering everyone the opportunity to discover first-hand the benefits of our business intelligence solution.

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100% Availability for Always-on Organisations

As we have become dependent upon IT to perform even the most mundane of tasks in the workplace, when a system goes down it can leave an organisation effectively dead in the water.

This puts even greater pressure on IT teams to minimise downtime and deliver an ‘always on’ network. The trouble is, most organisations are not able to provide 24/7 support to their workforce. This is where managed service providers can add genuine value.

Aside from the provision of round-the-clock support, there are three key areas in which a managed service provider can add value…

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10 Questions You Should Ask Your MSP

When it comes to managed services, we find that many providers default to status quos. Conversations between end users and prospective providers often revolve around cost reduction and cleaning up ‘messy’ IT setups by taking the problem away from the end user.

But what many people don’t realise is that managed services providers can – and should – do so much more. It’s the status quo that masks the full potential that managed services offer.

That’s why we were pleased to find an article recently written by Cisco that gets under the skin of the matter and shows that the true value of managed services can be uncovered by doing one simple thing: Asking the right questions.

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