With digital transformation, cloud computing and unified communication driving your organisation forward, auditing, maintaining and improving your critical IT infrastructure is an important task.

But how do you know which technologies and trends are right for you? More importantly, how can you tell which service providers you should work with?

To help you on your way, we’ve carefully selected a range of offers from across our services. No matter what you’re trying to achieve, we’re confident we can help.

Can’t find what you’re after? No worries, simply get in touch and we’ll arrange a time to talk through your requirements in more detail.


assure insight double red lifecycle management offer

Double Red Life-Cycle Management: Free Audit

Part of our Assure Insight management suite, the Double Red Product Life-Cycle Management report spans your entire network and grades the health status of your Cisco devices against two criteria: Cisco’s own life-cycle information and user-defined criteria.

Information is outputted in a simple, easily digestible report that lets you see the overall health of your network and address any medium or high severity issues.

For a limited time, we’re offering a free Double Red audit of your network, so be sure to claim now!

Learn more about Assure Insight Double Red.

View the Assure Insight datasheet.

ONI cloud readiness assessments

Free Cloud Readiness Assessment

Cloud computing offers significant benefits, but the scoping, deployment and management of a hybrid environment isn’t straightforward.

To help you on your journey to the cloud, we’re offering a free Cloud Readiness Assessment. It spans people, process and technology to assess your preparedness for the cloud.

By clearly establishing the current and desired future state of your infrastructure, we help you develop a sustainable roadmap to help you achieve your business transformation objectives.

Download our Cloud Readiness Assessment brochure.

Colo-Flex Colocation from ONI

Colo-Flex colocation services: Up to 12 months free rental

We believe that a colocation service, done correctly, should feel like an extension of your own IT department.

That’s why we’re offering new customers up to 12 months rental free for any colocation rack, so you can start benefiting from 100% service availability now!

Learn more about Colo-Flex.

ONI security threat assessment and umbrella trial offer

Free Security Threat Assessment & 14-Day Cloud Security Trial

Although it should go without saying, a robust, integrated IT security strategy is an essential component of modern business. So how can you ensure yours is the best it can be?

We’re offering a free assessment that will identify potential areas of vulnerability within your network and recommend remedial actions to ensure risks are minimised.

Like to go a step further? We’re also offering a no obligation 14-day trial of Cisco Umbrella so you can evaluate the protection it provides for yourself.

Find out more about our Security Threat Assessments.

Find out more about our Cloud Security Trial.

meraki sd-wan access point offer

Try Cisco Meraki SD-WAN with a free trial

SD-WAN enables centralised management of networks to help deliver performance optimisation, greater flexibility and cost efficiency.

To see how it works for you, we’re offering a free trial of Cisco Meraki SD-WAN.

We’ll help you scope out your trial product requirements, ship your equipment and provide technical support to get you set up. There’s zero risk; if Meraki isn’t right for you, simply send it back.

Download our SD-WAN brochure.

ONI nimbus cloud services offer

Nimbus Cloud Services: Free 30-day trial

Flexibility, scalability, security and sustainability. Cloud computing has created a fast-track to business transformation. From network infrastructure to Back-up and DR, our Nimbus Cloud Services ensure that it’s your business, your cloud, your way.

So you can try them for yourself, we’re offering free 30-day trials of our cloud infrastructure and Back-up & DR offerings.

Download our Nimbus Cloud Services brochure.