ONI celebrates seven years of 100% uptime

ONI celebrates seven years of 100% uptime

At ONI we are acutely aware of the importance of reliability, which is why we are pleased that – on 1st June 2018 – our data centre uptime clock rolled over to the magic seven-year mark. That’s 3,679,200 minutes of uninterrupted availability to our clients.

The need for uninterrupted availability is what underpins our pledge of 100% uptime guaranteed, one of the three core pledges that make up what we call Business Assured – a commitment to provide our customers with the availability, performance and agility they require to transform their business.

While we believe that 100% uptime should come as standard, it’s surprising that many other service providers do not. Amazon Web Services, for example, will only guarantee 99.99% service availability while Microsoft’s uptime guarantees for Azure range between 99.9% and 99.99% depending on the service.

To put this in context, a provider that guarantees 99.99% uptime will have experienced just over 368 minutes of downtime over the same seven-year period. When you consider that, in its 2016 Cost of Data Centre Outages report, the Ponemon Institute stated that the average cost per minute of data centre downtime is $8,850 (£6,639); that’s a total cost of $3.26 million (£2.45 million) over seven years.

This goes to show that, while you may not see much difference between the ‘four nines’ and 100% initially, there is a significant difference in the availability of your core services and infrastructure when you extrapolate these figures over the years. Is this downtime that you can really afford?

There are three key elements that all businesses look for when choosing a managed service provider; these are flexibility, scalability and – above all – reliability. After all, if you are to move control of your systems outside of your own four walls, you need to be confident of its long-term viability.

Service reliability is especially important when it comes to your critical infrastructure. If your key systems and tools are unavailable, even for a few minutes, it can have a profound effect on your business that results in unproductive staff, financial losses and damage to brand reputation which can be difficult to place a monetary value on and even more challenging to repair.

We are firm believers that, when dealing with business-critical applications, you shouldn’t compromise on availability. If you pay 100% of your fees, you should get 100% availability. Realising this goal for the past seven years is something we are all very proud of, so here’s to the next seven.