Planes Trains and Automobiles: Disruptors that add to workforce misery

As a nation, I often think we secretly crave disappointment. And on those rare days when the weather isn’t poor enough to give us something to moan about, we can thankfully rely on our transport infrastructure to deliver the goods.  According to a report by CIPD, the average travel to work time is 31 minutes (56 minutes for London commuters). There and back across a whole working year comes to a staggering 10.8 days on the move! And that’s before the disruption and delays occur.

Enter British Rail and its associated operators…

It’s bad enough that this August has been hit by an escalating multitude of service disruptions as Network Rail undertake extensive station and platform upgrades, but so far this week commuters were also inconvenienced by a train derailment at Waterloo, a smoke-filled platform at Holborn and a raft of other disruptions from Hayes to Huddersfield, causing stress and misery to thousands of people across the country.

But the pain didn’t end there. On Tuesday, those very same commuters discovered just how much their season, off-peak and ‘anytime’ fairs are going up next year. Estimated to be approximately 3.6% (matching the permitted Retail Price Index), this news is likely to make their days that bit more depressing.

Surely there’s a better way of working?

Here’s the crazy thing though, pretty much all the above could be avoided by deploying and making sensible use of unified communications and collaboration. Yes, that old chestnut, where you combine voice, video, conferencing, messaging, presence and online desktop sharing to bypass those regular disruptive challenges of transport, weather, illness, industrial action and any number of other reasons that stop us from getting to work throughout the year. A solution, I might add, that equates to about the same as the price of a KitKat each day.

Since the turn of this century we’ve been working with businesses up and down the country to help them become more productive and effective through the intelligent use of communications and infrastructure.

Today’s collaboration solutions can enable everyone in an organisation to operate efficiently from wherever they are, so long as they have access to the internet and a desktop or smart device.

You don’t have to rip and replace your existing service either. Our Cloud based Nimbus solution means you can enjoy unified communications or collaboration as a service, while integrating into your legacy platform and migrating to the Cloud at your pace. No heavy upfront investment necessary, just easy-to-equate and afford per user per month pricing. To make things more attractive, our Nimbus solutions are available free for the first year when bundled with our co-location or maintenance packages.

So, even when transport (or any other factor) let’s your staff down, you’ll being happy in the knowledge that they can still contact each other and be productive 100% of the time.

It’s not rocket science, but it sure beats planes, trains and automobiles.

About the author:

Kevin Kivlochan - B&W

Kevin Kivlochan, Sales and Marketing Director (Co-Founder)

Kevin is the Sales and Marketing Director and Co-Founder of ONI and is responsible for new business, account management and communication of the ONI brand to our customers and prospects.

Kevin is passionate about how Cloud technology is transforming the way organisations do business, driving profitability and delivering enhanced end-user experiences.