Infrastructure Optimisation Services from ONI

As your business evolves over time, the underlying technologies used to support your day-to-day operations need to evolve with it.

Managing an IT estate to deliver optimum performance over the long-term requires regular maintenance and review. As new people and process are brought on-board, incumbent technologies can become over-stretched or even redundant.

Incompatible infrastructure components can have a negative impact on process efficiencies and the user experience. Worse still, they could lead to system vulnerabilities or even failures.

Technical Excellence

Our team of technical consultants provide a range of infrastructure audit services. Our comprehensive post-audit reports contain a detailed analysis of your current systems, along with recommendations as to how you can make the most of established or emerging technologies to future-proof your ICT infrastructure.

We will identify ways in which you can extend the life of your current infrastructure and make the most of your current investment in technology. If we make any recommendations for new solutions, they will be backed by a solid business case for any new investment.

Any solutions we recommend will be scalable by design and able to support your changing business needs. We will also guide you through any process or cultural changes required to streamline the deployment and encourage user adoption.

Insight with Impact

ONI deliver a range of audits, security and asset reviews and optimisation services that spans our technology areas – Data Centre, Communications and Collaboration, Connectivity, cloud and Maintenance Services – all focused on maximising the return on your investment in technology

  • Comprehensive overview of your infrastructure and capacity
  • Maximise systems availability and performance
  • Address security issues and system vulnerabilities
  • Reduce systems and process inefficiency, saving time and money
  • Maximise the return on your historic investment in technology
  • Develop a sustainable roadmap for future deployments
IT technical audit

ONI IT Technical Audits

  • Connectivity
  • Billing & contract management
  • Data Centre audits
  • LAN, WAN and wireless infrastructure
  • IP telephony readiness
  • Back-up and Disaster Recovery capability
  • Network security
  • Cloud readiness
  • Systems maintenance