Nimbus Recover provides a level of service that goes beyond a basic file and folder back-up and recovery. Our industry-leading Cloud services are delivered from our Tier 3+ data centres and provide rapid, secure, reliable access to your essential business data and applications; as and when required.

Our intelligent back-up solution ensures efficient use of network and storage resources to deliver short back-up and recovery times. Consolidating multiple data sources into a central, master dataset which is compressed and deduped, minimises data storage requirements without compromising the integrity or security of your data.

Backed-up data is replicated, stored and managed independently in two separate databases, with frequent, automated data checks on each separate database to ensure ongoing integrity, resilience and availability of data.

Our intelligent Disaster Recovery solution uses continuous data protection giving peace of mind that if the worst happens minimal data will be lost. Thanks to a quick and simple 3-click recovery process, users are up and running in the shortest time possible.

Protecting your data is a top priority and comes in the form of both physical and virtual security in the ONI data centre. Access is limited to authorised users and your data is encrypted both at rest and while in motion across the network during back-up and recovery.

Back-up and Disaster Recovery Solutions from ONI


ONI’s agentless Data Recover service provides file and application level recovery from back-ups stored within our data centres. Back-ups can be self-managed through a dedicated online customer portal or form part of a fully-managed service.


  • Agentless architecture across multiple operating systems
  • Fully-encrypted data in motion and at rest
  • Data is replicated, stored and managed across two separate datacentres
  • Internet based back-up – no additional connectivity required
  • Self-service restores available 24/7
  • Tier 3+ hosting facilities
  • Software-as-a-Service or a fully-managed service from ONI.


For more critical servers and applications, customers can choose to run Nimbus Site Recover services. Data is protected by journaling all disk writes of every virtual disk continuously and copying the journal entries to a secondary site. Time to recover is significantly reduced with recovery points provided every 5 seconds for up to 5 days.


  • Protection for both Hyper-V and VMware servers
  • Recovery Point Objective of seconds and Recovery Time Objective of minutes
  • Guaranteed SLA
  • Pre-defined connectivity via an ONI managed Cisco ASA firewall
  • DR environment is built on enterprise class hardware with VMware virtual data centre dedicated to each client
  • Tier 3+ hosting facilities
  • Fully managed service from ONI

Key Benefits of Back-up and Disaster Recovery

  • RESILIENCE – All the resilience of geographically remote data centres with automatic failover and redundancy; ensuring your data is always available.
  • FLEXIBILITY – Scale your back-up and storage requirements quickly and easily to reflect changing demand.
  • COST EFFICIENCY – Hardware and services available on a monthly subscription basis; eliminating the need for capital investment.
  • SECURITY – End-to-end security includes low-latency encryption of data both at rest and in motion, providing compliant data protection.
  • PERFORMANCE – Best-in-class hardware and software components deliver rapid back-up and recovery times, in accordance with industry-leading SLAs.
  • SIMPLICITY – Easy to set-up and manage; cloud services from ONI eliminate the need for on-site maintenance and feature intuitive, web-based control panels.

To find out more, download our Nimbus Recover Services brochure.

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