As organisations look to build greater agility into their IT Infrastructure, leveraging public cloud services is key.

Microsoft Azure is one of the leading public cloud offerings, providing a comprehensive set of services on-demand to organisations. Its benefits are wide reaching, providing you with unlimited capacity and scalability, the ability to consume infrastructure as a cost-effective operating expense, and access to ready-made environments and services that you can spin-up at lightning speed.

With such breadth of service also comes complexity and this is where ONI can help. As a Microsoft Azure specialist, we can help design and provision the services that are right for you.

We assist in the migration of workloads into public cloud infrastructure and, most importantly, continually optimise the services, performance and value you get from the Microsoft Azure.

Public Cloud Readiness

Deciding what to move to the public cloud, and when, is important. Whether you are looking to locate some, or all, of your workloads, we will help you evaluate your options and prepare for migration.

By taking the time to understand your business, your current infrastructure and what it is you are trying to achieve, we are able to advise you on the different options applicable to you.

We provide you with a migration roadmap, benefits baseline and cost analysis; all of which can be used to help cement the business case for a migration to Microsoft Azure.

ONI cloud readiness assessments

Migrating to Microsoft Azure

Whether you are embarking on an initial move to Microsoft Azure or looking to expand your usage by migrating more workloads to this platform, we can assist you in the design and planning of this cloud infrastructure.

We review every aspect of your current environment to ensure we preserve key capabilities while ensuring we also plan for your needs of the future.

The output of this process is a detailed design of your Microsoft Azure environment, which defines both the infrastructure and services that you will utilise.

We provide you with a detailed roadmap for migration, ensuring a smooth transition and minimising risk to business-critical applications.

We then work with you to turn your roadmap into a detailed project plan and assist you with the implementation of your Azure environment and the migration of your workloads, ensuring we build the knowledge and skills required in your team to manage this environment.

Azure Optimisation Services

Organisations that are already utilising Microsoft Azure must ensure that they are gaining the maximum value for the lowest possible cost.

ONI’s Microsoft Azure Optimisation Service is designed to analyse the services you are utilising now and ensure these are fully optimised in terms of cost, performance and delivering on your needs. We also take the time to explore what other services you could be using to meet the needs of your business and deliver greater value.

Our Optimisation Service reviews every aspect of how you are using Microsoft Azure with particular emphasis on the following areas:

  • Infrastructure
  • Platforms
  • Networking
  • Security
  • Monitoring & management
Azure lifecycle services

Lifecycle Services

Optimising your usage of Microsoft Azure services is not a one-off process, but something that should span the full lifecycle. ONI offer a range of ongoing lifecycle services to continually optimise your Azure environment.

Our regular optimisation reviews ensure you that continue to get the best value from your investment, deliver the best performance, resilience and security for users, and retain close alignment to the current and future needs of the business.

We also offer a range of managed services to support you with the day-to-day monitoring, configuration and management of your Azure environment. This includes performance analysis, proactive monitoring and updates, patch management, back-ups and user management.

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Why ONI for Azure public cloud?

Our expertise and experience spans on-premises infrastructure and both public and private cloud environments. It allows us to assist our customers as they look to fully migrate to a public cloud infrastructure, or to create hybrid environments, in order to deliver the technology agility that their businesses need.

  • Customer focussed: We invest in fully understanding your business so we can continually add value
  • Service led: Our award-winning technical team proactively manage and support your environment 24×7
  • Expertise: Our people’s expertise spans on-premises solutions, data centre environments and both public and private cloud
  • Experience: Almost three decades of experience and a drive for constant improvement ensure we deliver best practice services
  • Strong Financial Stability: ONI has shown consistent growth over the past decade and are proud of our Experian credit rating of 100, the very highest you can achieve

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