Colocation enables businesses to host their own servers and hardware within a state-of-the-art, managed IT environment.

It provides all the benefits of security, resilience and availability but without the associated risk or cost of an on-premise solution. It also provides access to a level of infrastructure that many organisations would not be able to replicate on-premise and delivers a wide range of benefits.

Colocation is often seen as the first step towards Cloud adoption, where an organisation moves elements of its IT infrastructure off-premise.

The migration of services from on-premise to third-party data centre facilities has been driven by a number of key factors. Principal among them have been the evolution of business IT demands, the emergence of enterprise-class data centre services and the ever present need to lower costs.

Colocation Solutions from ONI

Colocation enables businesses to host their own servers and hardware within a state-of-the-art, managed IT environment. It provides security, resilience and availability without the associated risk or cost of an on-premise solution. We offer a flexible range of colocation and rack space packages, up to secure cages and private rooms. Scalable power densities are available to each rack, ensuring you only draw down the power you need. If you want to add more hardware to the rack, extra power can be added immediately to support the additional load.

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In recent years, we have seen the emergence of the “Digital Workforce”; one where innovation and performance are dependent upon access to essential business data, applications and collaboration tools.

However, this new world is not without problems. New tools, devices and applications burden IT with a more complex infrastructure to manage.

Thankfully, Cloud services from ONI can help.


Key Benefits of Colocation

  • COST CONTROL – Available as a predictable, monthly subscription, colocation allows businesses to provision an IT infrastructure without the significant, up-front costs of an on-premise data centre.
  • SECURITY- Physical security is provided by a combination of high fences, gated access, round-the-clock HD CCTV surveillance, motion detection sensors, zoned access, biometric ID and two-factor authentication. Data is stored within an ISO 27001 accredited, Tier 3+, UK data centre. All services benefit from robust firewall protection and are accessed via a private VLAN.
  • EASE OF MIGRATIONONI’s experts are on hand to migrate any physical infrastructure.
  • AGILITY- Colocation delivers a degree of flexibility that isn’t achievable from an on-premise solution.
  • RESILIENCE – Our Data Centre protects your assets with fully redundant power and cooling and leading edge fire suppression technology, all supported by a range of back-up and disaster recovery services.
  • CONNECTIVITY- Our carrier-neutral data centres feature multiple connections from multiple carriers, providing access to a range of high-speed, high-bandwidth networks.
  • ON-SITE SUPPORT- ONI’s on-site “remote hands” provide basic services such as power reboot, visual checks, media inserts and swaps and component hot swaps within stringent SLAs.
  • ENERGY EFFICIENCY – Power usage effectiveness is a key measure of a data centre’s green credentials. ONI data centres are designed to operate as efficiently as possible and achieve an outstanding PUE of just 1.3, allowing us to pass the benefits on to our customers in the form of lower costs.

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