The role of procurement is often overlooked in major IT projects. In reality, it can add significant value to the overall process. Effective procurement can not only reduce your project costs, it can speed up project delivery and help mitigate risk.

Our procurement teams are experienced in sourcing and negotiating with key hardware and software vendors from multiple regions. Our supply chain expertise allows us to secure the best quality products, at the best prices, and get them delivered quickly to avoid project delays.

Procurement is about more than just equipment purchasing. When they’re not actively involved in sourcing technology for client projects, our experts are conducting market research to ensure they stay up to date with the latest innovations. This intelligence is supported by just-in-time order management and nationwide logistics support to ensure equipment is delivered to the right place at the right time.

The ONI Advantage

Over the past 25 years we have established a strong relationship with our network of suppliers and distributors. Our purchasing power enables us to secure competitive prices for all components. We are then able to pass these cost-benefits on to our customers.

Procurement is not just about purchasing. Having sourced the hardware and software, it is important to get it configured and delivered as soon as possible, so there are no unnecessary delays to the deployment schedule.

At ONI we believe that a good price and prompt delivery shouldn’t mean compromising on quality. Our procurement service is focused on securing the best quality solution at the best price, maximising the value of your IT assets from the outset.

ONI procurement eliminates the need for customers to manage the complexity of multiple vendors and supply chains. By consolidating your IT procurement through a single source, you can be assured of a quality service, dedicated account management and cost savings.