Although it should go without saying, a robust, integrated IT security strategy is an essential component of modern business. The implications of a security breach, loss of data or a successful malware/ransomware attack go well beyond simple business disruption.

As the threats posed by cyber criminals grow more numerous and sophisticated, cybersecurity is challenged with keeping up.

The increased adoption of mobility, IoT and cloud-based services has served to provide hackers with an increased number of entry points to the network. This presents a growing concern for many businesses; how to deliver robust security across an extended network without blowing the budget?

Whilst some issues are common among IT departments, every organisation will have a unique security profile. ONI has developed a flexible cybersecurity proposition that is built on three basic principles. Regardless of your technology stack, experience level or business objectives, we believe a system should be: secure by design, simple to deploy and easy to manage.

virtual security assessment

Virtual security assessment

To ensure your security is the best it can be, we are offering a free one-hour virtual security assessment with one of our security experts. There, we’ll assess your ability to:

  • Protect your infrastructure and endpoints from malware
  • Detect and block malicious or unreputable sites
  • Verify user identity before they access your corporate applications
  • Enable secure access to your network

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IT Security Solutions from ONI

At the core of any effective cybersecurity strategy is how you are prepared before, during and after an attack.

Before – do you have visibility of network traffic and an understanding of who and what is on your network, so you can apply appropriate policies?

During – can you detect an attack, understand it and then prevent threats from spreading?

After – can you analyse the attack, define how to contain it and effectively avoid future attacks?

Having defined these principles, ask yourself: Can these be applied across my entire infrastructure?

ONI security architecture is open, automated and built to respond rapidly to emerging threats. Our solutions leverage global threat intelligence from a team of more than 250 full-time researchers analysing 600 billion email messages and 16 billion web requests daily.

Security Operations Centre (SOC)

Our vendor-agnostic security managed services are ideally suited to your unique and ever-changing needs, providing real-time protective monitoring of your environment.

Our UK-based Security Operations Centre (SOC) delivers fully-integrated security protection and threat detection services, providing end-to-end incident management and peace of mind. Features include:

  • Security Incident & Event Management
  • Global Threat Intelligence
  • Incident Management Portal
  • Real-Time Threat Monitoring & Analysis
  • On-Call Crisis Management
ONI Security Operations Centre SOC

The 5 Pillars of IT Protection

protect IT networks

Protect Networks

Ensure the availability of business-critical data and applications with flexible, scalable edge security.

enable mobility

Enable Mobility

Manage your IT security regardless of location, device or user with powerful and effective cloud-based protection.

control access to IT systems

Control Access

Centralise and simplify access control while gaining valuable insights into user and device data with feature-rich analytics.

monitor traffic on your IT network

Monitor Traffic

Respond rapidly to emerging threats and prevent lateral movement with our cloud-based monitoring solution.

contain security threats

Contain Threats

Detect, contain and remove advanced threats and malware across your network, endpoints and cloud infrastructure.

Key Benefits of IT Security

A successfully-deployed IT security strategy can deliver a wide range of business benefits:

  • Protect the integrity and confidentiality of customer data
  • Preserve key business assets, such as intellectual property and commercially sensitive data
  • Maintain availability of core business applications and systems
  • Retain brand value, reputation and customer loyalty
  • Ensure compliance with industry regulations and government legislation
  • Support digital transformation through the adoption of cloud services, mobility and IoT

Like to find out more about our IT Security solutions? Download our Security Services brochure.

IT Security Solutions