Assure IT Managed Services

Your IT infrastructure is the vital system that keeps your applications running and your business both operational and profitable. Maintaining the health of this system is essential; if the underlying infrastructure fails, so do your business-critical applications.

As IT has become an essential component of business continuity, it has become necessary to adopt a pro-active approach to systems monitoring and maintenance. Pro-active monitoring and analysis of your systems provides information on the essential components of network performance, availability and capacity.

Stay one step ahead with real-time, actionable intelligence that enables you to diagnose and address issues before they impact on your business. If an issue arises, the first symptoms will often impact on network performance. If a failure is imminent, the lack of an early warning system could lead to costly downtime, impacting both the user and customer experience.

ONI Managed Service Solutions

Assure services from ONI are designed to create a strategic support partnership that delivers a reliable, secure and flexible IT strategy, aligned to your overall business objectives.

By offering a service that forms an integral part of your overall strategy, we are able to address some of the wider challenges facing the business; such as adding customer value and improving user acceptance and satisfaction. By raising the profile of IT within your organisation we can reposition it not as a cost centre, but as a source of revenue with a positive impact on the bottom line.

An added benefit of delivering this level of strategic support is that we can relieve in-house IT support teams of day-to-day tasks, so they can focus on critical business projects.

Managed Service Options

Assure Monitor – ONI offers a range of powerful, easy-to-use IT monitoring solutions that provide unparalleled levels of insight into your network infrastructure. Systems performance is continuously monitored via an intuitive dashboard; where network issues can be detected, isolated and addressed. Providing end-to-end visibility of your network and helping you to optimise your systems’ performance.

Assure MACD – This remote service provides administrative change support across an extensive range of technology architectures which includes; UC & collaboration, Enterprise Networks, Wireless, DR and BaaS, IaaS and Security.

Assure Insight – Assure Insight is a powerful reporting and data analytics tool that allows organisations to effectively collect, collate and interpret key network device information such as inventory data, contractual intelligence and system vulnerabilities. This visibility helps IT optimise network performance and lower TCO through the ability to schedule preventative maintenance and control budget spend through predictable costs.

Key Benefits of IT Managed Services

  • Mitigate Risk- Monitor usage and trends to identify and resolve potential issues before they occur
  • Minimise Downtime- Enhanced infrastructure availability through pro-active monitoring services
  • Improve Productivity- Eliminate manual health checks to free valuable IT resource to concentrate on core activity
  • Gain Insight- Intelligent performance reporting to identify over/under capacity and gain control over planning and budgeting
  • Optimise Performance- Deliver an infrastructure that supports productivity and a great user experience
IT managed services key benefits