Moving your IT to a new office

There’s no denying that moving office is a complex and time-consuming process. If it is properly managed, however, your move project has the potential to deliver more than just a new workspace – it can give you a better way of working.

Moving office presents you with the perfect opportunity to review and enhance key areas of your business and few will have a greater impact than your IT setup.

While an overhaul of systems and infrastructure may seem a daunting task, doing so allows you to increase productivity, lengthen upgrade cycles and reduce costs.

With the right planning, coupled with the right tools, it’s possible to deliver a next generation IT solution that utilises new, innovative and cost-effective technologies that will drive your organsation forward for years to come.

five things to avoid when moving office

Moving office: How to get your IT relocation right

Your IT infrastructure forms a crucial part of your move process, but how can you ensure you get everything right?

Using our extensive experience of managing IT office move projects, we have put together a blog that addresses the five most common mistakes businesses like yours make – from failing to prepare to overlooking crucial elements – and how they can be avoided.

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Office Moves: A best practice guide

Our best practice guide to moving office is designed to help you navigate through critical aspects of your move, including:

  • How to explore your options and correctly scope your IT move project
  • How to get the right services installed at the right time, in the right order
  • How to choose where your infrastructure is hosted – on-premises, in the cloud or both
  • How to ensure your move goes off without a hitch and with the minimum of downtime

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moving office best practice guide

IT Office Move Services from ONI

ONI’s office move services are specifically designed to help you with all aspects of your IT move project. Our experts assist you with:

  • Auditing your existing systems and infrastructure and scoping your IT relocation project before you move
  • Researching and installing the correct connectivity at your new office
  • Hosting your key services in the most convenient and cost-effective location, be it on-premises, in the cloud or via hybrid networking
  • Liaising with other 3rd party service providers to project manage the IT aspects of your office move, ensuring these are completed with the minimum of downtime

Need our assistance when moving office? You can download our best practice guide or contact us at any time.