Software-Defined Networking (SD-WAN)

In the face of increased pressure on business networks, IT departments are turning to Software-Defined Networking to help improve bandwidth utility and application performance.

The triple-threat of digital disruption, complexity and security is placing an unprecedented strain on enterprise networks; resulting in a lack of insight, an unconstrained attack surface and poor performance.

To combat these inefficiencies, organisations are turning to Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) – the practice of simplifying WAN management by decoupling the hardware itself from the management interface.

By removing these complexities, organisations unlock a range of benefits including improved application performance, reduced downtime and a lower total cost of ownership.

While IT teams may believe that dispersed technologies at differing points of their lifecycle makes a fundamental change to network management impossible, it’s not. With the right managed service provider, its possible to deliver these changes today.

making the case for SD-WAN

Making the case for SD-WAN

Demand for SD-WAN infrastructure and services will see a compound annual growth of over 69% over the next three to five years. What’s more, Cisco predicts that 25% of all WAN traffic will be software-defined by the end of 2021.

Our blog looks at the business case for SD-WAN; establishing what the service is, who needs it and the importance of a managed solution.

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Getting the best out of Software-Defined Networking

Our infographic gives you a quick and easy overview of SD-WAN, including:

  • How the tecnology allows you to demand more from your network
  • The trigger events that make an SD-WAN deployment right for you
  • The benefits that SD-WAN brings to your organisation
  • What you need to look for when choosing an MSP

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software-defined networking best practice guide

Software-Defined Networking:
A best practice guide

Our best practice guide to Software-Defined Networking offers expert advice to ensure you choose the right SD-WAN solution. In it, we:

  • Introduce you to SD-WAN and its core benefits
  • Explore how you can align your network to business objectives
  • Discuss the main challenges SD-WAN addresses and who will benefit from it the most
  • Show how your organisation can realise the full benefits of Software-Defined Networking through SD-WAN as a managed service

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Software-Defined Networking (SD-WAN) from ONI

At ONI, we partner with you to create a bespoke SD-WAN solution that integrates with your legacy infrastructure, improves the performance of your network and minimises the day-to-day demands on your IT team.

Extending the virtualisation of network functions across your business can deliver the agility, security and resilience you demand. Find out more about our services by downloading our Software-Defined Networking (SD-WAN) brochure.

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Software-Defined Networking (SD-WAN) from ONI