Embracing the Virtual Enterprise: A pathway to the new normal

Almost overnight, the proportion of the UK population predominantly working from home went from just 5% to 49.2%.

While this jump presented numerous challenges, the realisation is that moving forward the way we work is set to change.

To help organisations that are looking to embrace flexible working, we have created a Best Practice Guide on Embracing the Virtual Enterprise.

This guide explores what the pathway to the new normal will look like, what you need to assess in terms of your future requirements and key considerations when technically enabling your virtual enterprise.

Addressing today’s remote working challenges

Although some of your people may be returning to work, it is likely that you will need to support remote workers under the current crisis for some time yet.

Given the pace at which we moved to home working, it is inevitable that you are experiencing some challenges or have areas of concern.

With expertise across connectivity and networking, security, cloud and IT management, we are able to assist you in ensuring your people have dependable connections into your infrastructure and can operate effectively and securely.

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addressing todays virtual enterprise challenges
plan for the virtual enterprise

Adapting for tomorrow’s virtual enterprise

There is a growing consensus that things will not return to pre-pandemic working practices and that flexible working will play a major part in the new normal.

Employees have long shown a preference for home working and many employers have not only proven this is possible, but can see many advantages of embracing this model.

Now is the time for you to re-imagine your organisation and plan for the virtual enterprise: To take a look at peoples’ needs, changes in work practices and align your technology and IT support models to these new requirements.

We can assist you in identifying the needs of your business moving forward, assess the different options available and quickly adapt your IT infrastructure and end-user environment to create the agility and flexibility required.

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Let’s talk about your pathway to a virtual enterprise

We are working with our customers to look at how they embrace the virtual enterprise: Connecting remote workers, addressing a different set of security challenges, enabling a healthy level of collaboration and having an IT function that can support larger-scale remote working.

We can assist you across all of these areas; offering a range of planning workshops and consultations to help you to assess your needs, understand your options and formulate your pathway to the virtual enterprise.

Simply complete the form and we will reach out to you to understand your needs and schedule a non-obligation consultation.

How can ONI help your virtual enterprise?

Our expertise and experience spans on-premises infrastructure and both public and private cloud environments where we deliver solutions that address connectivity, networking, compute & storage, security and UC & collaboration.

As a company we take an agnostic approach. This means we put the needs of our customers first, taking the time to understand what you are trying to achieve and then architecting the IT solution that will deliver the outcome you are looking for.

We have helped many of our customers to quickly adapt to the Covid crisis and enable their people to be effective working at home.

We are now working with these customers to plan and implement their pathway to what we anticipate as the new normal: The virtualised enterprise.

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